Capsicum Chinense (Ghost Pepper), Powdered


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The Ghost Chili is also known as the Naga, Naga Jolokia or Bhut Jolokia.  The Dorset Naga is a cultivar of the naga that was formerly the hottest pepper in the world. The bhut jolokia is about three times hotter than a habanero. The naga derives from nagaland in India, which is where we get our ghost pepper powder from. We also offer pure capsaicin, which is several times hotter. But this powdered ghost pepper is much more practical as a spice, and it imparts that wonderful pepper flavor that is behind the blistering burn.  Powdered ghost pepper is much easier to use than the whole pepper because you can easily sprinkle it on without having to touch the pepper while you break it up.  So you probably won’t have it all over your hands all day.  With powdered ghost pepper, you get a better idea of how much you’re adding, and you don’t get “hotspots” in your food that will surprise attack you. Powdering the ghost pepper also allows a much more efficient use of the product because it exposes all the surface area. That means every bit of heat will touch your tongue. This pepper is so hot that even if you add it to everything you eat, you will not have to buy more for a very long time.  These days everybody knows the ghost pepper, and it is always fun to bring it out when you have guests. The jar is not included with this product as we’ve found that filling jars can be very painful. ALSO OFFERING SEEDS OF THIS PEPPER!

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