Trichocereus Bridgesii x Pachanoi Monstrose – Live Plant


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Each lot contains one plant of this very unique genetic mix. This particular plant is formed by a trichocereus bridgessi (KK919) that was pollinated with the pollen of a trichocereus pachanoi monstrose. Monstrose is a form of mutated growth that can result in all sorts of patterns of growth that makes each plant totally unique. Monstrose plants are very collectible due to their rarity and individuality. Even with seeds that have monstrose genetics, not all will display mutations. These plants are not displaying mutations at this time, but they do have the potential to mutate, especially if they are cut and allowed to form new tips. Their offspring may also still display mutant growth as well. Even with normal growth patterns, hybrids of these two popular species are also very in-demand. We sell many hybrid seeds types, but we do not have many live hybrid cacti. These plants will save you time and energy. They are a few years old from seed, so you are past the seedling stage where they can really begin putting on some good growth and potentially be acclimated to the outdoors. These live cacti will come in pots as shown. Be sure to make any changes to the outdoors gradually so as not to shock the plant. For more info on acclimating cacti, please read our guide via the following link

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