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Royal Jelly Powder


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Royal Jelly is the true example of a superfood. Royal Jelly is a honey bee secretion that bees reserve for nourishing larvae as well as adult queen bees, hence its royal reputation. Royal Jelly is secreted from the glands of worker bees and fed to all larvae in the colony. Royal Jelly is collected in the special combs of the hive designated just for queen bees. When a queen bee is weakened or dead the worker bees select several larvae and feed them copious amounts of Royal Jelly which triggers the morphology of bees into queen bees with fully developed ovaries needed to lay eggs.

Royal Jelly’s nutritional benefits can be extended to humans as well, and it has even been used as a form of prenatal nutrition for humans. Royal Jelly is a superfood with a wide-ranging value to human health. Royal jelly is also commonly used to support lower bad cholesterol levels without effecting good cholesterol levels.
Studies in Japan also indicate that Royal Jelly stimulates cognitive function and brain repair, which corroborates some user’s reports of feeling a sense of well-bring and mental clarity after use.  Other studies suggest that Royal Jelly can enhance your body’s ability to absorb calcium and deposit it into your bones. It is conceivable that such action could certainly benefit those suffering from osteoporosis.

Royal Jelly contains antioxidants, which promote cell death, which is actually an important process to preventing degenerative processes, including heart disease and cancer.  Research involving Bisphenol A supports this theory. Bisphenol A is an environmental estrogen found in many plastics that is known to produce breast cancer cells, and a study concluded that Royal Jelly inhibited this effect of Bisphenol A.

Royal Jelly also contains a number of vitamins and nutrients that support skin renewal and healing. Studies indicate that acids found in Royal Jelly contribute to collagen production, which can naturally counteract wrinkles. Royal Jelly is a component of a wide array of skin creams on the market, and it can even be taken internally or sublingually for these types of external benefits.

Royal Jelly is also valued as a natural anti-inflammatory substance. Inflammation can lead to a variety of symptoms, including aches and pains, allergies, fatigue, obesity and infection.  Chronic inflammation can cause more serious health problems, so a good anti-inflammatory supplement is significant to help maintain good overall health. Royal Jelly reportedly helps to improve liver tissue and curb liver or chronic inflammation. Acting as an anti-inflammatory agent would mean that royal jelly provides an additional benefit when used in topical creams or other skin products, aside from its anti-aging and skin rejuvenating benefits, because inflammation is something beauty products aim to eliminate.

Royal Jelly is a super supplement designed for royalty. It is an optimal supplement for both health and beauty. Fortunately, we are now able to offer this product to more than just the young and privileged.

Each item contains 1 x 100g jar of Royal Jelly Powder. 

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