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We have a very limited amount of these live plants. These are very rare and special plants. We have had many requests for viable guarana seeds, but we never encountered them. We have heard from a friend in Brazil that the commercial growers really do not part with them, and there are other lookalikes. But we have a few extra nicely potted plants that we can part with. This is a vine, and some of our specimens have stems up to 20″ long.

Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is a plant native to the Amazon basin, specifically Brazil. The large seeds are a significant source of caffeine and are particularly popular in Brazil as an energy source and a soft drink mixture. Additionally, guarana seed extract seems to be an ingredient in many energy drinks sold in the U.S. and is found in some weight loss products. On average, guarana seed contains about twice the caffeine as coffee (approx. 2%-4.5%). This is a water soluble extract containing approx 9%-10% caffeine. Guarana’s effects resemble those of caffeine, and the FDA has classified it as “generally recognized as safe”. Like caffeine, too much guarana can cause anxiety and heart-related issues. People with heart conditions and women who are pregnant are advised against taking guarana or similar products. But it has been reported by users that guarana can assist with mental alertness, energy, weight loss, antioxidant consumption and even cardiovascular protection.

 We ship live plants on Mondays and Tuesdays only, so please allow at least 1 week for shipping. SORRY, NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ON LIVE PLANTS. 

**Buyer is responsible for frozen plants. USPS is heated, so the plant will be fine unless you leave it at your door too long. But if you are in a cold area and cannot get the plant right away, signature confirmation can be added to the shipping cost. They will hold the plant until you pick it up.

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