Passiflora Foetida x Edulis (Bush Passion Fruit) Hybrid Seeds


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Passiflora Foeitda,  commonly known  as “Love-in-a-mist”, wild water lemon, and running pop is native to the U.S. and Central America.  Passiflora foetida is ideal for growers in cooler climates because it is hardier than most other passiflora species.   This passion flower has intriguing traits which set it apart from other Passifloras. Sticky bracts trap insects and release digestive juices to dissolve them.  It’s unknown whether this passiflora foetida obtains nourishment from its prey or uses this tactic as a defense mechanism to protect its fruit and flowers. For this reason, it is debatable whether it is a carnivorous or Proto-carnivorous plant.

Like all other Passifloras, Passiflora Foetida is a creeper vine that blooms attractive pearl milky flower with a blushing pink –purple center up to 2 ½in. wide.  It bears passion fruits the size of ping pong balls which become orange-red when ripe. The fruits have a non-acidic, delicately sweet white flesh embedded with black seeds inside the pulp. Young leaves and plant tips are also edible, and they’re used for a wide variety of medicinal use across many different cultures (predominantly in European and Southeast Asia). Wild- water lemon plant, like passiflora incarnata,  has alkaloids with sedative effects that act as a remedy for insomnia, anxiety, and nervousness.

The following seeds have been grown in proximity to other passiflora species, so the resulting plants are hybrids with characteristics of passiflora edulis.

Growing Information: Passilfora seeds are naturally tough to germinate. They have a hard seed coat, which often requires pretreatment. Soak the seed sin warm water for 48 hours prior to planting. Some growers may choose to lightly file the seed coat prior to this in order to allow water to penetrate more easily. Cover the seeds with 3/8” of a well-draining fertile soil mixture. Keep the soil damp and consistently between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Room temperature may be too cold, and it is important to note that soil temperature may differ from air temperature. Provide bright light. Fertilize lightly once per week once the plant is a few inches tall. Passiflora Foetida is hardy in zones 9-11. Foetida may be invasive in central Florida

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