Nicotiana Rustica “Rapa Nui” (Easter Island Strain) Tobacco Seeds


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This is the variety of nicotiana rustica found on the extremely remote Easter Island. Nicotiana rustica is a member of the solonaceae family along with datura, nightshade, potatoes and tomatoes. It typically grows to about four feet, forming sticky leaves and yellow flower clusters. It has the highest levels of nicotine of any tobacco species, potentially containing up to twenty times more then nicotiana tabacum, the tobacco species used in commercial cigarettes. At such levels, N. rustica is not an ideal for smoking because of the risk of fatal overdose. However, Aztecs and other Native Americans who considered this plant to be sacred would indulge in smoking N. rustica to achieve mind alteration primarily for ceremonial purposes and occasionally for recreation. N. rustica was also ingested by chewing, snuffing or as an enema. Additionally, it was used to treat bruises, sprains, infected wounds and to treat baldness. Today it is grown as an ornamental and also used as an insecticide against infestations of aphids, spider mites and other tiny pests.

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