Myrtillocactus Geometrizans (Blue Myrtle Cactus) – Crested Cactus Plant




This crested blue myrtle cactus is a very rare cactus.  Normally would be shaped like a column.  But crested cacti have a genetic mutation that causes a ripply fan-shaped pattern of growth.  This is a Blue Myrtle Crest grafted onto Blue Myrtle Cactus stock.  Crested and monstrose cacti are extremely popular among rare cactus collectors. Aside from the general rarity, crested cacti offer you much more variety. You can have many specimens of the same type of crested cactus, and they can all be different. 

Blue Myrtle is a columnar cactus native to Mexico that may reach twenty feet in the wild. This species is prized as an ornamental and a grafting stock for slower growing cacti such as astrophytum, ariocarpus and lophophora. As the name indicates, Myrtle has a bluish-green stem, and its spines are small like those of San Pedro cactus. This makes it much easier to handle. This species is hardy to about zone 9. Elsewhere, it must be brought in for the winter. Blue myrtle blooms in late march with several greenish-white flowers per areole. Following the flowers are edible fruits that resemble blueberries.

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