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We are delighted to be able to offer kratom seeds from West Borneo. Despite being one of the most commonly requested seed, kratom seeds are extremely difficult to get, even for us. Despite our many connections, we can only get kratom seeds in rare circumstances. So if you see them in stock, you should not delay one bit.  Otherwise, you might not see them here again for years.

We offer live Rifat and Bumblebee kratom plants year-round. But growing kratom from seed offers the chance to obtain new genetics. A single kratom seed pod may contain as much as 200 kratom seeds, so you have the chance to grow multiple plants for less than you could even buy a single cutting for.  Growing kratom from seed is an amazing experience because the reward you can get from your efforts is greater than that of the vast majority of other seeds. Kratom seeds look like extremely tiny strands. Growing kratom from seed, and to be able to transform them in that way.  gives you a particularly special bond with your plant. The sense of accomplishment you can get from raising a minuscule little seedling into an actual living, breathing kratom plant is an experience more people should be able to have.  We offer kratom seed pods as well as loose kratom seed packs.

Growing Kratom from Seed

Growing kratom from seed begins much like with other tiny seeds.  Your seeds should be started indoors under lights. Kratom seeds should be sown on the surface of the soil without burying them at all. Mist the soil lightly and cover with clear plastic. Your kratom seeds should be kept from drying out, but they also need to breathe to keep from developing mold. Kratom enjoys warm temperatures, preferably between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Kratom seeds can take several weeks to germinate and may be finicky. For more information on growing kratom, please refer to our Kratom Grow Guide.

Kratom Light Selection

LED or fluorescent lights are the most ideal for growing kratom. LED is cheaper to run, and that can often justify spending more for a good setup.  You might expect to pay about $60 to $200 for a basic LED setup geared towards growing plants. But if you want something really top of the line, we recommend Electric Sky LED GROW Lights. There are 2 models, including a more professional setup (ES300). You can get top results with these, and they end up paying for themselves as compared to other types of lighting. If you’re growing anything for business purposes, this is absolutely the best option. It might be a little expensive initially, but when you consider the energy savings and the fact that it is the most tailored towards growing plants, it is actually more economical. The setup for fluorescent lighting will probably be about $50 by the time you consider the cost of the tubes and the fixture. A more extensive system can be $200. But aside from higher energy costs, you have to replace the bulbs more often, especially if you leave them on for long periods of time. The bulbs can be a good part of the whole cost that you will have to spends over again. Fluorescents also contain mercury, which is hazardous to the environment, especially if the bulbs break in your home or office. LEDs tend to last a decade or more, even when on for half the day. They do not contain mercury, and their power usage is only a fraction of that of fluorescent lighting.


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