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Cranberry Hibiscus is an ornamental, flowering alternative salad green. The dark burgundy leaves are a standout, much like red Japanese Maple. The color does imply connotations of cranberry, but the nickname is more so derived from their tart flavor.  A perfect ingredient for a salad green mix, cranberry hibiscus leaves impart their own acidic flavor to synergize with or replace vinegar or lemon.  The taste is not unlike wood sorrel, which make sense because they both contain oxalic acid. (You do not want to overindulge in oxalic acid, especially if you are at risk for kidney stones, but moderate amounts are fine. It is found in many common vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, potatoes, raspberries, almonds, dates, beets, soy milk and navy beans.) Cranberry hibiscus is high in vitamin C and iron and also a good source of calcium, niacin, b3 and riboflavin. You can eat cranberry hibiscus leaves raw, and you can make tea from the flowers much like sorrel, which is from hibiscus sabdariffa.

Cranberry hibiscus is both fast-growing and remarkably easy to grow and reproduce by cuttings. A small cutting in a one gallon pot can reach about 4-5 feet in height over a summer with branches. If you prune, you can get a more bushy plant.. Cranberry hibiscus is a great choice for landscaping to offer some color variety. Since the leaves are colored, you can maintain color all season long, even when the plant is not flowering. Once the plant begins to bloom, it forms dark maroon star-like buds, which give way to pink petaled blossoms with blood-red centers. So if you’re looking for something easy to grow, that’s edible and can be used in landscaping and flowers, cranberry hibiscus appeals on all fronts.

Growing Information: Gradually acclimate your plants to a location in full sun or place under artificial lighting indoors. Soil should be fertile, well-draining and fertilized occasionally.

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