Glycine Max (KARIKACHI EDAMAME) Non-GMO Soy Bean Seeds


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Karikachi is a heavy yielding soy bean with a long harvest window. This type of edamame is great for steaming with an average of 3 seed per pod. This is an open-pollinated, indeterminate heirloom variety. Soy beans are one of the most commonly genetically modified crops, but we do not offer any GMO seeds. Edamame is a great option for your garden since it is not readily available in most produce sections. Plus, you can be sure yours are organically grown..If you do find them in stores, they are often frozen, or they can be pricey.  These soy beans do well in containers since they can be planted cose together. They are easy to grow and will Edamame is a great vegetable to grow because it works well as a side dish or a snack.The entire plant is rich in nutrients, which makes the spent plant and hulls a good feed for livestock.

Growing Information:

Sow your edamame seed directly by puching the seeds at least an inch into the soil at a spacing of 3-4″. If you’re making rows in the ground, space rows about 15-30″ apart. In containers, however, you can maintain a 3-4″ spacing all around. Keep the seeds and plant well watered, especially if you’re doing tight container spacing. Karikachi soy beans can tolerate some level of dry soil, but they will benefit from regular watering and a nitrogen fixing innoculant. Harvest when most of the leaves are dead and falling off. You can pull the whole plant up at the roots and dry under cover. After shelling, dry to about 9% moisture. They can be stored fresh in the fridge or frozen for long-term use. Stagger planting for continual harvest over the course of the summer. Beans mature in about 85 days.

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