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We tested these lights out on some of our hybrid cactus seedlings. We know many of our cacti customers spend a lot on their cacti collections and would be interested in the best quality lights. SO we figured we should see how these work for cacti compared to other options. We compared the exact seed batches and amounts of seed with plants grown under T5 fluorescent lights, and we found them to be well worth it. The Electric Sky Leds saved considerably more on electricity, which would ultimately pay for the lights over time. But they also ran cooler with more light output. We used a light meter to compare the output. Running cooler can also save water and result in less burnt cacti seedlings and better germination rates because the seeds did not dry out as easily.

If you’re a professional producer who expects uncompromising quality in results and demands a boost in yield, weight, potency and terpene quality with BLAZING FAST growing/flowering time, then the Electric Sky 300 LED grow light panel is the SECRET WEAPON that can make it happen.

No other grow light in the industry matches the Electric Sky in growing and flowering power.

Our patent-pending GS1 Wideband Spectrum technology replicates the exact power of the Sun’s wavelengths that plants thrive in, so the ES300 gives your plants even more of what they’re looking for.

It’s like putting your entire crop on steroids! The Electric Sky 300 saturates the hidden growth centers of your plants with a unique, scientifically proven combination of growing and flowering light— wavelength nutrients your plants understand.

The ES300 unleashes any indoor plant strain’s true optimum potential, delivering explosive yield results up to one to two weeks faster. You’ll widen your profit margins with LEDs that require a fraction of the electrical power, nutrients, and water costs than any other grow light system you’ve tried before.

GS1 WIDEBAND SPECTRUM TECHNOLOGY lets your plants “see” and soak in what traditional LEDs can’t give them: a scientifically tuned nutrient blend through spectral light wavelengths that IGNITES growth, flower size and weight.

GIVE YOUR PLANTS THE CORRECT INFORMATION: When plants don’t have enough infrared light, they’re “flying blind” and can’t “see straight” or “think straight.” All other LEDs fail to provide plants with enough usable light. The ES300 gives CONCENTRATED growing flower power with unsurpassed spectral red & infrared generation of over 60%!

MODULAR SYSTEM: Each ES300 panel creates a SKY to fit up to a 2.5’ X 5’ foot space. More than one linked together expands the rectangular footprint, fully and evenly illuminating any larger growing area you design.

HEIGHT UTILIZATION: Near-field lighting gets our ES300 only 12-18” from your plant canopy using “direct down” focused light with our linear, dual-direction optical lenses. This means you can grow GIANTS even in spaces with limited headroom.

EDGE-TO-EDGE garden growth keeps your ENTIRE garden brighter, but with no burn & higher yields. Distributed LEDs and special linear lenses shine light all the way into the far corners of your garden.

COVERAGE INTENSITY is optimized by our lenses that evenly distribute light to not only create a full side-to-side, front-to-back optimum “Sweet Spot” but also provide the ultimate up-and-down intensity through the plant canopy.

CANOPY PENETRATION activates growth beneath the canopy with penetrating spectrum colors for higher potency AND more usable product from the top to bottom of your plant.

PASSIVE COOLING: No moving parts to make noise or break down the road. Uses only 300 watts of energy for 500 watts of growing power with half the heat!


Guaranteed & Grower-Proven Results



90-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE means you can grow an entire garden to finish and see for yourself, without any financial risk to you, how our lights DOMINATE and outperform all others!

Recommended configurations:
1x ES300 – Flower 2’x4? – 2.5’x5? / Veg 3’x6?
2x ES300 – Flower 4’x4? – 5’x5? / Veg 6’x6?
3x ES300 – Flower 5’x5? or 4’x6? / Veg 7’x7?
4x ES300 – Flower 4’x8? – 5’x10? / Veg 6’x12?

In the box you’ll find:
+Wire Gripper Cable
+120V Plug Adapter
+240V Plug Adapter
+2x– Metal Ratchet Rope Hanger
+Free (while supplies last) – Boveda Humidity Pack
+Free (while supplies last) – Mammoth P 30ML Sample Bottle

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