Chicorium Endivia (Endive) Seeds


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Endive (chicorium endivia) is a member of the daisy family whose leaves are a very popular salad green. Endive is a popular component of mesclun salad mixes with a bitter taste and lacy texture. These particular greens are high in fiber and folate as well as vitamins A and K. The seeds from this pack will grow the curly-leaved variety of endive, which is a close relative of chicory. Chicory and curly endive are often mistaken for one another. Belgian endive and escarole are also other forms of endive. This heirloom endive variety can produce nice heads up to 15″ in diameter. Endive is suitable for growing throughout the U.S. in full sun to partial shade.

Growing Information: Endive prefers cool temperatures and high moisture for germination. Therefore, outdoor sowing is recommended in April through July. Otherwise, you can sow indoors earlier. Heads mature in 90-100 days, so you may opt to plant successive crops throughout the spring and early summer to harvest into the fall. Plant seeds at a depth of 1/8″ in a well-draining fertile soil. Compost is an excellent choice. Maintain even, steady moisture. Seeds are best off being sown together with the plants being thinned out to a final spacing of 8″ apart. If growing indoors, you can simply maintain this spacing once you transplant to the ground. Endive prefers full sun to partial shade and is frost hardy.

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