Capsicum Annuum (Sweet Banana Pepper) Seeds


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The “sweet banana” is a sweet and mild heirloom banana pepper.  Banana Peppers rival the pepperoncini for the title of most popular pickling peppers.  You can easily find them in any sandwich shop or salad bar.  The two peppers, which are both forms of capsicum annum, are occasionally confused. This may be partially because they are both so popular.  They can both even be used in any of the same dishes.  But the banana pepper is a bright yellow color with a longer fruit, somewhat fleshier wall and a sweeter taste. To any experienced pepper grower or enthusiast, the difference is quite clear. But they do share a basic flavor profile, with the pepperoncini having a slightly bitterer, considerably spicier aftertaste.  Banana peppers mature to a red color, but they are generally picked early while they are at a younger stage when they are their least spicy. This generally makes banana peppers palatable to a wider audience, appealing even to those that find the pepperoncini too spicy.  Hungarian hot wax peppers are often spoken about somewhat synonomously with banana peppers, which is further confused by the fact that many cultivars of banana peppers include the names “Hungarian” and “Wax”.  Immature Hungarian Wax Peppers do resemble banana peppers, and both can be rather mild.  In general, though, banana peppers are sweeter and skinnier with a pointier tip.  Hungarian wax peppers can be several times hotter than even banana peppers on the hotter end of their range.  So that may be one way to distinguish peppers that are already in a dish. These are suitable peppers for beginning pepper growers.  Banana peppers like warm temperatures, including for germination.  Maintain good soil fertility and soil moisture.

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