Allium Tuberosum (Chinese Leek / Garlic Chives) Seeds


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Garlic chives are a medicinal and culinary herb that is more similar in taste to garlic than to chives. But in terms of appearance, they resemble chives and will grow to about a height of one foot. This perennial, known also as Chinese leeks, has traditionally been limited to use in Asian cooking and Chinese herbalism. But these days it is being discovered by a wider audience. Chinese leeks grow well in wetter climates where garlic usually does not making them a good alternative for growers there. Chinese leeks are great in stir fries, stews, soups and salads. Garlic chives go especially well with seafood, and they can be used to season cream cheese. Just like garlic, Chinese leeks pair well with butter. They are considered a warming herb in Eastern medicine, and they’ve been used to fight fatigue, treat anemia and aid in digestion. Garlic chives are also said to be antibacterial and immune-enhancing, and they have been used to treat parasites. Additionally, garlic chives are rich in nutrients such as fiber, vitamin c, calcium and B vitamins. As a companion plant, garlic chives serve gardens well to help control insect populations by repelling them. They are even used as a border plant for their white flowers.

Growing Information: Chinese leeks are perennial plants that will die back the ground in cooler weather. In warmer areas, they will stay green year round. Sow seeds at a depth of 1/8″-1/4″ in a rich, well-draining soil. Choose a location in full sun if possible, but they will also tolerate some shade. Be sure to keep well-watered in the summer months. Harvest leaves at ground level as needed or altogether prior to flowering. As clumps grow larger, you can divide them up to produce additional plants.

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